Dr. Michael Archuleta and his caring and friendly staff are dedicated to providing patients with excellent care. Dr. Archuleta spends time getting to know each of his patients, individually assessing and preparing treatment plans based upon each patient's needs.

Get to Know Dr. Archuleta

I was born in San Diego, California and grew up on the pennisula in Bremerton, Washington. I grew up loving and playing tons of sports (with a foucs on soccer, wrestling, and football).  As a child, I also enjoyed the great outdoors and jumped head-first into any activity where I could be outside (biking, hiking, and swimming at the local water hole were at the top of my list).

After highschool, I attended college at the University of Washington,  majoring in political science, and then graduated from University of Washington School of Dentistry in 2003.  I am a diehard Husky football fan and still go to most home games! 

I moved out to Maple Valley in 2004, working locally as a dentist,  I knew my passion was to open my own practice, and in 2007 I found a location in Kent and did just that.  

Shortly after opening my Kent practice,  I met my wife Tasha. We got married in 2009, and started our little family.  My wife grew up in Maple Valley and really wanted to put down roots in the greater Maple Valley/Black Diamond area.  In 2013 we bought a property on Lake Sawyer and began the long process of dreaming-up, planning-for, (and eventually) building a home.  We finally moved into our new home in July 2022!  During the year of the home-build, I was lucky enough to come across the opportunity to buy Black Diamoind Dentistry. I jumped at the opportunity to work in the community I live in! Becoming a small business owner in Black Diamond felt like stretching that final root deep into the soil of a place my family and I are proud to call home.

Tasha and I have two children, Landon (11 yrs) and Malia (6yrs). They are frequent visitors to the office, and are likely to be seen popping into the office to surprise me or convince me (or their mother) to treat them to a cookie at the bakery close by. Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my family, riding bikes, gardening, lifting weights, hiking, and playing with the kids .

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